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Zeke x Sparkles

In the early evening of 23 November 2021, we welcomed 7 gorgeous puppies (5 boys and 2 girls) from Zeke and Sparkles.  They are quite a colourful litter, with 5 black and tans each with different markings and 2 creams.  The puppies are thriving and Sparkles is doing a great job as a first time mum.  We are incredibly smitten by them. 

With Christmas just around the corner, we couldn't resist giving them Santa's reindeers nicknames.  Therefore, introducing Hueze's Christmas Reindeers litter.

This litter is very special to us, not only because it is our first litter but also the first litter sired by our treasured Zeke.  For information on the parents of the litter, please visit Zeke and Sparkles individual pages. 

Photos of the litter will be updated here on our website or can be seen on our Facebook or Instagram pages. 


One Week Old

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